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Activities & Services

Individualized Career Services:

The MCTA assessment includes standardized tests and interviews. These activities are designed to collect information in order to help identify vocational strengths and special needs which may influence reaching an employment goal. Career Counseling is provided to promote vocational exploration, using information identified during assessment. Assessment information and Career Counseling will help the customer determine an appropriate employment goal.

Occupational Skills Training:

MCTA provides an Individual Training Account (ITA) to eligible customers who complete all necessary assessment and counseling activities, meet requirements to enter training services, and are selected to receive one of the limited training opportunities available. ITA's are restricted to public and private education programs which have been approved for the Workforce Inventory of Education and Training (WIET) list. Click here to access the WIET list.

Supportive Services:

MCTA recognizes that some customers may need supportive services in order to complete occupational skills training and secure employment. Customers with an identified supportive service need such as child care assistance, a uniform, or a physical exam may be referred to a One-Stop System Partner or may be assisted by MCTA.

Individual Employment Plan (IEP):

An Individual Employment Plan developed with the help of a Career Consultant can include up to 12 months of follow-up services after employment has been achieved.

On the Job Training (OJT):

Eligible job seekers in need of training can build job skills and experience in an in-demand occupation while earning a wage. OJTs help job seekers enter new fields or overcome barriers to employment. Many job seekers prefer to learn by doing. Participating employers are reimbursed a portion of the wages of eligible new-hires as they undergo training. Prior approval as well as a pre-approved training plan are required.

Youth Programs:

MCTA services for youth, ages 14 to 24 years of age and deemed eligible, are provided through the Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program.

Services offered include:

School Services

  • Help to achieve Highschool diploma or equivalent
  • Alternative Solutions
  • Tutoring
  • Leadership Development

Work Experience

  • Earn while you learn
  • Job shadowing

Job Skills Training

  • Help Finding the right career
  • Tuition assistance for training

Supportive Services

  • Work uniforms and tools
  • Testing fees
  • Transportation

Resource Referrals  

For information on this program call: (330)716-6133.

Business Services:

Providing access to the area’s most extensive labor pool. Assisting employers with staff assisted job posting, resume searching and screening, on-site and off-site mass recruitments, job description development, and other services to help employers find their best candidates. Also offered is the Business Resource Network (BRN) which is a Network Partnership consisting of dozens of local, regional and state organizations connecting businesses to valuable resources available to help their businesses.