The OH-Penn Strategic Plan is intended to be a sustainable and collaborative approach for the OH-Penn Interstate Region to further develop its workforce for its key business sectors and spur economic growth.

Vision of the OH-Penn Interstate Region
The vision of the OH-Penn Interstate Region includes:

A sustained forum for planning and action that aligns the efforts of local elected officials along with their leaders in economic development, workforce development, and education under a common brand for growth and innovation for the five counties in Ohio and Pennsylvania to encourage citizens and employers in the region who are engaged with civic leadership in seizing the emerging opportunities for themselves and collectively for the region.

Primary Objectives of the OH-Penn Strategic Plan
The following four primary objectives serve as the basis for the goals established within the plan:

  1. Create and sustain a business-driven leadership structure for promoting the competitveness of the 5-county OH-Penn Region.
  2. Build a region-wide, sector-based employer engagement and support strategy.
  3. Develop and promte a "Green Tech" curriculum to attract students and current workers to skills development for the new economy.
  4. Implement a coordinated civic networking structure via introcudtion of new tools for "Strategic Doing."

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