Activities & Services

Assessment and Career Counseling: The MCTA assessment includes standardized tests and interviews. These activities are designed to collect information in order to help identify vocational strengths and special needs which may influence reaching an employment goal. Career Counseling is provided to promote vocational exploration, using information identified during assessment. Assessment information and Career Counseling will help the customer determine an appropriate employment goal.

Occupational Skills Training: MCTA provides an Individual Training Account (ITA) to eligible customers who complete all necessary assessment and counseling activities, meet requirements to enter training services, and are selected to receive one of the limited training opportunities available. ITA's are restricted to public and private education programs which have been approved for the Workforce Inventory of Education and Training (WIET) list. MCTA encourages non-traditional training for women. (Non-traditional jobs are those in which women make up 25% or less of the total number of workers in that occupation.) Click here to access the WIET list.

Special Services: MCTA recognizes that some customers may need supportive services in order to complete occupational skills training and secure employment. Customers with an identified supportive service need such as child care assistance, a uniform, or a physical exam may be referred to a One-Stop System Partner or may be assisted by MCTA.

Individual Employment Plan (IEP): Eligible customers approved for services will develop an IEP with the assistance of a Career Consultant. This plan will outline steps and services to reach employment. Once employment has been achieved, the plan will ensure that follow up services are available for 12 months.

On the Job Training: MCTA provides cash reimbursement to employers to offset costs the employer will incur when training eligible MCTA customers as new employees. MCTA and each employer participating in this activity enter into an On the Job Training Contract, which stipulates the training schedule, duration, hours, wages, etc.

Youth Programs: MCTA along with other community partners provide workforce development activities for in and out of school youth. They include job readiness training, job shadowing and career exploration, high school equivalency testing preparation, summer employment opportunities, job search assistance, vocational training and much more. To be determined eligible, youth must be between the ages of 16 and 24 years old, income eligible as defined by the federal guidelines and must have a barrier (basic skills deficient, school drop out, offender, homeless, foster child, pregnant or parenting, or may need additional assistance to find a job or finish school as defined by the local Workforce Development Board). For more information call Columbiana County 330-424-7722 or Mahoning County 330-259-0670.

Access to MCTA Services:
Customers seeking MCTA assistance must first complete preliminary activities at an OhioMeansJobs Center in Mahoning or Columbiana County.